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Asaa Baadelaug | Marina - Harbour | Aså

Asa Marina

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electricity on the dockside
water on the dockside
free access to harbour facilities
fuel: petrol
fuel: diesel
fuel: gas
waste: waste oil
waste: WC tank
waste: chemical WC
board garage
motor garage
sail maker
yacht shop
restaurant / pub
internet connection

Harbour Info

Mr. Torben Thomsen
IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR SAILOR TO ASAA HAVN! It is VERY IMPORTANT to follow the guidelines for sailing into Asaa Havn, in northern Jutland, Denmark. The digital chart plotters are not accurate and updated. You must follow the denomination buoy with the light characteristic Iso. 4s at 57 degrees 08,700 minutes N (WGS84) - 10 degrees 26,500 minutes E (WGS84). Set a course of 258.1º degrees through the 300-metre fairway. The fairway is 2 metres deep, but be sure to stay on course and sail straight, because the depth outside the fairway is only 0.5 m. The fairway is demarcated with a triangular white beacon. The fairway is demarcated by a red and green buoy with top markings as well as an inwardly marked with 3 red and 3 green balls. There have been 3 instances of boats going aground this summer because they did not follow the guidelines. Stay safe out there!

Harbour Plan

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