About Us
Thomas Stasch: Founder and Operator of Marina Guide

Marina guide is a directory with harbours in Europe. At the launch time of this portal there were only a few marinas at the Baltic Sea listet and explained. But after a short time the portal grew and harbours at the cost of the North Seam, the Ijsselmeer (...) were added.

The goal of marina guide is to show basic data of harbours. The nautical information is not in the focus as these information could be found in maps and books. It is more the infrastructure of the marinas what you can find here. Also photos, taken by skippers and crews - not out of advertising booklets. On top, it is open to enter your impression of the marinas you know. So you can find a rating and comments about the "real harbour" on this page.

It is a good knowledge base for your trip plannings, but: These portal only offers an advantage if the data is up to date and true. So: Your help is necessary. Please report interesting info to us and we will bring it on marina-guide.net


YOU have the knowledge about several marinas you have been. Please share your experiences with other crews and skippers. The more information you give, the more data can be used by others. Together it is the biggest data collection of all.

Thanks in advance!


In 2008 I (Thomas Stasch) did a sailing trip and visited a few marinas. Afterwards I decided to look for a marina rating portal - without success.

So I decided - yeah.. I'm crazy - to build it myself. An now we have Marina-Guide in place.

Since end of 2015 the team of Marina-Guide increased: Georg Rossrucker joined in order to support the portal with his knowledge about design and development.


If your marina is not inlcuded in our database yet, you can get in touch with us. We are able to add your marina into our web portal. This service is free of charge, but if you like Marina-Guide, we would be happy to receive a donation from you.



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